mRNA Expression Analysis

mRNA Expression Analysis

Messenger RNA is a kind of single strand RNA, which is transcribed from a strand of DNA as a template and carries genetic information and can guide protein synthesis. Based on the principle of complementary pairing of bases, mRNA is generated by transcription with the base in the cell as the template, which contains the base sequence corresponding to some functional segments of DNA molecules, and serves as a direct template for protein biosynthesis. mRNA accounts for 2% ~ 5% of total RNA in cells. RT-qPCR is a rapid, cheap and simple sensitive method for mRNA detection, it is considered the gold standard for accurate measurement of gene expression. Importantly, the ability to amplify multiple templates in a single reaction (multiple) makes it a true high-throughput detection method.

mRNA Expression Analysis Service

As a supplier dedicated to the production and research of PCR products, the research team of Creative Biogene has professional knowledge in the field of real-time PCR and mRNA expression analysis. Creative Biogene can provide you with complete mRNA expression analysis service by qPCR. The data analysis can also be carried out with our powerful bioinformatics platform.

The Workflow of mRNA Expression Analysis Service

The Workflow of mRNA Expression Analysis Service

Our Advantages

  • Multiple sample types acceptance: we currently have wide range of kits for isolating RNA from a variety of samples including cell, blood and tissue for our mRNA expression analysis service.
  • Strict quality control: we have strict quality control for each step of mRNA expression analysis to ensure that our customers receive quality data.
  • One-stop service: You only need to provide samples. We provide comprehensive services from RNA isolation to data analysis.

Requirements for Samples

Service items Material requirements
Tissue sample  ≥ 100 mg
Blood sample volume ≥ 300 μL
Total RNA ≥ 5 μg, OD value between 1.90 - 2.10

Delivery of mRNA Expression Analysis Service

  • Provide raw data
  • Amplification curve
  • Fusion curve analysis
  • mRNA expression analysis

You can customize the mRNA expression analysis service by phone or email, and our colleagues will reply your inquiry within three working days.

* It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.
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