HCV Test

Introduction of HCV

HCV means hepatitis C virus. It is the pathogen that causes hepatitis C. Hepatitis C virus belongs to RNA virus and is a common hepatophilic virus. HCV genome is similar to human flavivirus and plague virus in structure and phenotype. Hepatitis C virus is transmitted mainly through blood contact related to intravenous medications, poorly sterilized medical equipment, needle sticks and blood transfusions in healthcare. The medical community has not yet developed an effective vaccine to prevent hepatitis C. However, early diagnose of hepatitis C can reduce the risk of severe infection.

Structure of Hepatitis C virus.Fig. 1 Structure of Hepatitis C virus.

HCV Test

HCV test can help people know if they have hepatitis C. Generally, there are two types of tests for the diagnose of Hepatitis C. antibody test and PCR test. Antibody test shows if you have ever exposed to HCV. PCR test shows if the virus is still in your body.

The research team of Creative Biogene is highly experienced and professional which can provide excellent HCV RNA polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test service to our customers. The HCV RNA PCR test is a blood test. Only whole blood sample is required.

The Workflow of HCV Test

HCV Test

Results of HCV Test

HCV tests detect the presence of viral genetic material (RNA) by PCR in the blood to determine if you are currently infected. Test results are usually reported as "not detectable" or "detectable". Positive results are usually based on the number of viruses found in the blood unit which is called viral load.

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