Custom Primers Services

Primers play an essential role in DNA synthesis. Normally, a primer is composed of a single-stranded DNA or RNA with a length of no more than 30 bases. As a preliminary point, a primer can always exactly complementarily matches both the end and beginning of the desired DNA sequence rather than other primer or themselves. Besides, the melting temperature is also especially important for a primer, which usually ranges from 55 to 65 °C to allow/limit length increase without influencing the activity of the target sequence.

Custom primers are widely used in many fields covering research, therapeutics and diagnostics:

  • Research: PCR, qPCR, DNA sequencing, gene synthesis, etc.
  • Therapeutics: DNA/antisense oligos, RNA, nucleic acid aptamers, and immunotherapy, etc.
  • Diagnostics: library preparations, nucleic acid array-based technologies, genomics, next-generation sequencing (NGS), nucleic acid-base detections, diagnostics, cell cultures, human identity testing, therapeutics, cloning, and synthetic biology and genetic engineering, etc.

Creative Biogene can provide a one-stop custom primer design service with high efficiency and high quality.

  • A set of completed and perfect design systems will be provided.
  • Primer design, screening, modifications, synthesis and final assessment will be provided.


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* It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.
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