DNA Oligonucleotides Synthesis

DNA Oligonucleotides are short single-stranded and double-stranded synthetic DNA sequences that can be used in almost any molecular biology filed, including PCR, cloning, sequencing, and genetic testing.

DNA Oligonucleotides Synthesis

DNA Oligonucleotides Synthesis

As a professional biotechnology company, Creative Biogene has extensive experience in the fields of molecular biology and genetic engineering. Our professional platform enables us to provide various scales of DNA oligonucleotides synthesis and modification services. For custom DNA oligonucleotides synthesis, many different applications require different scales or purity, and our scientists will provide you with free consultation and help you choose DNA oligonucleotides that meet your needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Our Services

Creative Biogene can design oligonucleotides of any DNA sequence according to your needs, and every DNA oligonucleotide we provide is carefully monitored during the synthesis process and controlled in accordance with strict quality control standards. The final product can be separated and purified by a variety of purification techniques to ensure its purity meets the needs of different applications. In addition, all DNA oligonucleotides are tested by a proprietary mass spectrometry method after synthesis to ensure their quality is up to standard. Except for providing you with customized products, we also provide you with all the original data and the final output excel file.

DNA Oligonucleotides Synthesis Services

DNA Oligonucleotides Modified Services

We modified the 5' end, 3′ end of the oligonucleotide and its interior by modifying fluorescent dyes, dye molecular probes and other methods. In addition, we can make special modifications to the oligonucleotides according to your needs.

Attachment chemistry and linkers Fluorophores and dark quenchers Modified bases
Phosphorylation Spacers Click chemistry modifications
Phosphorothioate bonds    

Our Advantages

  • Purification method: desalting, column, HPLC and PAGE
  • Modification: there are a variety of modification methods to choose from
  • Quality inspection method: the synthesized oligonucleotides are verified by ESI mass spectrometry
  • Form: provided in dry powder or solution form
  • Free consultation: experienced scientists can provide consultation
* It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.
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