TA Cloning

Introduction of TA Cloning

TA cloning is a simple and convenient method of subcloning polymerase chain reaction (PCR) products. "TA" is short for "thymine" and "adenine."This cloning technique takes advantage of the terminal transferase activity of some DNA polymerases such as Taq polymerase, these enzymes preferentially add a 3'-end A-overhang to PCR products. This allows the direct insertion of such PCR products into the prelinearized cloning vector, which has a overhang on each 3'-end. This eliminates the need for restriction enzyme digestion of the vector or insert, primers with built-in restriction sites, or specially designed adapters, resulting in a much more efficient and robust cloning procedure.This technique is especially useful when compatible restriction sites are not available for the subcloning of DNA fragments.

Schematic representation of plasmid cloning by PCR.Fig.1 TA Cloning

TA Cloning Service

The research team of Creative Biogene has rich experience in the field of molecular biology and genetic engineering, which enables us to provide you with accurate and efficient services. At the same time, the high-performance PCR and RT-PCR technology of Creative Biogene enables us to clone longer and more complex DNA target segments. Creative Biogene can provide you with comprehensive TA cloning service, including template sequencing, PCR, expression vector construction, and protein expression and purification.

The Workflow of TA Cloning Service

The Workflow of TA Cloning Service

Our Advantages

  • Custom-tailored & modularized service: to assure that every step meets your needs.
  • High efficiency: with dedicated vectors.
  • Optimal mutation scheme: the optimal mutation scheme can be designed and optimized according to the experimental requirements, so that the experimental operation is faster and more convenient.
  • One-stop solutions: we offer comprehensive upstream and downstream services for TA cloning, including template DNA sequencing, gene synthesis and customized vector construction, etc.
  • Reliable results: customized constructs are fully sequence-verified and guaranteed.

Requirements for Samples

Service items Fragment length Material requirements
Purified PCR products 100 - 1500 bp Average concentration: 15 ng / μ L,  ≥ 15 μ L
1500 - 3000 bp Average concentration: 25 ng / μ L,  ≥ 15 μ L
Unpurified PCR products 100 - 1500 bp Average concentration: 30 ng / μ L,  ≥ 30 μ L
1500 - 3000 bp Average concentration: 50 ng / μ L,  ≥ 30 μ L

Delivery Specifications for TA cloning Service

Our TA cloning service offers the following delivery package:

  • High purity plasmid, about 2 μ g DNA, OD value between 1.80 - 2.00.
  • Glycerol bacteria containing recombinant plasmid.
  • Original map and sequence of sequencing.
  • Sequence after carrier removal.

You can customize the TA cloning service by phone or email, and our colleagues will reply your inquiry within three working days.

* It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.
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