About us

Creative Biogene, located in New York, is a leading provider of DNA and RNA amplification reagents. Creative Biogene is committed to providing researchers in the life sciences with high-quality reagent products and services. Our products and services cover the fields of molecular biology, second-generation gene sequencing, and epigenetics.

Creative Biogene has a professional team with rich experience in the fields of molecular biology and genetic engineering, which enables Creative Biogene to complete the independent research and development and production of core products such as routine PCR, RT- PCR, hot start PCR, qPCR and DNA/RNA purification. Through mature first-generation sequencing, second-generation sequencing, and fluorescence quantitative detection platforms, Creative Biogene can provide customers with quality services such as gene sequencing, primer customization, oligonucleotide customization, DNA / RNA extraction, and PCR / qPCR services. In addition, we can also provide you with unique products and services according to your scientific research needs.

At Creative Biogene we are continuously striving to complement our product portfolio with novel products and technologies, which is an important prerequisite for our continuous growth.

Creative Biogene Technology Advantages

  • Engineered Stability
    • Stringent PCR enzyme activation control with Creative Biogene technology
    • Product performance is stable and can be stored for multiple days at reaction settings and ambient
  • Formulated for PCR
    • Optimized 1-tube reagents minimize pipetting steps and improve accuracy
    • Supports efficient vortex mixing and eliminates error-causing persistent bubbles
  • Tough-Tested
    • Creative Biogene reagents withstand a broad spectrum of PCR inhibitors
    • Reliable assay performance with challenging starting materials and crude extracts
  • Optimized to Improve Sequencing Performance & Economics
    • Comprehensive solutions for DNA fragmentation, library preparation, amplification and quantification
    • Novel formulations streamline NGS workflows reducing total turn-around time
    • Proprietary enzymes & buffer compositions improve library yields and sequencing results from low inputs