Plasmid Cloning

Introduction of Plasmid Cloning

Plasmids are circular double stranded DNA (dsDNA) molecules separated from cell chromosome DNA. These extra chromosomal DNA naturally exist in bacteria, yeast and some advanced eukaryotic cells, which have parasitic or symbiotic relationship with their host cells. The size of the plasmid ranges from several thousand base pairs to more than 100 kb. DNA fragments of up to 20 kb base pairs can be inserted into the plasmid vector. When the recombinant plasmid is transformed into E.coli cells, all antibiotic resistant progenies from the original transformed cells will contain plasmids with the same inserted DNA sequence. The inserted DNA replicates with the rest of the plasmid DNA and is separated into daughter cells as the colony grows. Some bacterial plasmids encode enzymes that inactivate antibiotics. Such resistant plasmids have become a major problem in the treatment of many common bacterial pathogens. To deal with the spread of resistant plasmids is an important challenge of modern medicine. So plasmid cloning is very important in such research of plasmids, and PCR is a common method for plasmid cloning.

Schematic representation of plasmid cloning by PCR.Fig. 1 Schematic representation of plasmid cloning by PCR. (Qi R, et al. 2019)

Plasmid Cloning Service

As a supplier dedicated to the production and research of PCR products, the research team of Creative Biogene has professional knowledge in the field of PCR and plasmid cloning. Creative Biogene can provide you with professional plasmid cloning service by PCR. Relying on our powerful bioinformatics platform, comprehensive data analysis can also be performed.

The Workflow of Plasmid Cloning Service

The Workflow of Plasmid Cloning Service

Our Advantages

  • Strict quality control: we have strict quality control for each step of plasmid cloning to ensure that our customers receive high quality data.
  • One-stop service: you only need to provide samples. We provide comprehensive services.
  • Time saving and lower cost

Requirements for Samples

Service items Material requirements
Cell culture suspension volume ≥ 20 μL, concentration ≥ 100 ng / μL, total DNA  ≥ 2 μg, stored at -70 ℃

Delivery Specifications for TA Plasmid Cloning Service

  • High purity plasmid
  • Experimental raw data
  • Plasmid sequencing results

You can customize the plasmid cloning service by phone or email, and our colleagues will reply your inquiry within three working days.

* It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.
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