Human Adenovirus Test

Introduction of Human Adenovirus

Adenoviruses, members of the family Adenoviridae, are nonenveloped viruses with an icosahedral nucleocapsid containing a double stranded DNA genome. These viruses survive well in the environment and can infect both humans and animals.

The structure of adenovirus. 1 = penton capsomeres 2 = hexon capsomeres, and 3= viral genome (linear dsDNA)Fig.1 The structure of adenovirus. 1 = penton capsomeres 2 = hexon capsomeres, and 3= viral genome (linear dsDNA)

In humans, more than 50 serotypes of adenovirus have been identified. Human adenoviruses commonly infect the respiratory and GI tracts, the eye, and various other tissues. Most infections are asymptomatic, but long-term persistent infections are possible, and this is the major concern to immunocompromised patients. Adenoviruses are known to be oncogenic in rodents but not in humans. They can be transmitted via direct inoculation to the conjunctiva, the fecal-oral route, aerosolized droplets, or through exposure to infected tissue or blood.

Serological diagnosis of adenoviral infection may not be suitable because of anti-adenovirus antibodies resulting from previous exposures. Culture detection of these viruses may take up to three weeks. Molecular detection by polymerase chain reaction is highly sensitive and specific, and is a useful detection method for these viruses.

Human Adenovirus Test

The research team of Creative Biogene has rich experience in the fields of molecular biology and gene diagnosis. We can quickly detect adenovirus by qualitative real time PCR method.

The Workflow of Human Adenovirus Test

Human Adenovirus Test

Requirements for Samples

Service items Material requirements
Tissue 0.2 mL fresh, frozen or fixed tissue
Blood 0.2 mL whole blood in EDTA (purple top) or ACD (yellow top) tube
Cerebrospinal Fluid 0.2 mL
Feces 0.2 mL
Urine 0.2 mL
Swab 0.2 mL rectal swab/ nasopharyngeal swab

Results of Human Adenovirus Test

  • Positive Human Adenovirus Test: a positive result indicates the presence of adenovirus DNA in the clinical sample.
  • Negative Human Adenovirus Test: a negative result does not rule out the presence of adenovirus because viral DNA may be present at levels below the detection limits of this assay.

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