miRNA Expression Analysis

miRNA Expression Analysis

MicroRNA (miRNA) is a kind of noncoding single stranded RNA molecules with about 22 nucleotides encoded by endogenous genes. They are involved in the regulation of posttranscriptional gene expression in animals and plants. So far, 28645 miRNAs have been found in animals, plants and viruses. Most miRNA genes exist in the genome in the form of single copy, multi copy or gene cluster. Real time PCR is an efficient tool for the analysis of miRNA expression levels. With real time PCR, researchers can know what miRNAs are expressed, where they are expressed, and the cellular processes they regulate.

Schematic representation of 220-plex miRNA expression profiling using real-time PCR.Fig. 1 Schematic representation of 220-plex miRNA expression profiling using real-time PCR. (Tang F, et al. 2005)

miRNA Expression Analysis Service

As a supplier dedicated to the production and research of PCR products, the research team of Creative Biogene has professional basic knowledge in the field of real-time PCR and miRNA expression analysis. Creative Biogene can provide you with professional miRNA expression analysis service using real-time PCR. The consequential analysis can also be carried out by our powerful bioinformatics platform.

The Workflow of miRNA Expression Analysis Service

The Workflow of miRNA Expression Analysis Service

Our Advantages

  • Validated miRNA primers: each miRNA primer is designed using a proprietary algorithm and experimentally validated.
  • Sensitive: detect miRNA from as little as 10 pg of small RNA or 20 pg of total RNA.
  • Specific: be able to distinguish miRNAs with single nucleotide mismatches. Each primer set has been experimental validated for specific amplification.
  • Broad linearity: allow miRNA at varieties of expression level to be detected simultaneously
  • Genome-wide coverage: largest genome-wide miRNA coverage.

Requirements for Samples

Service items Material requirements
Tissue sample ≥ 2 μg, stored in a low-temperature refrigerator at -20 ℃ or -80 ℃
Blood sample volume ≥ 2 mL, stored in anticoagulant tube or cryopreservation tube
Cell culture suspension volume ≥ 20 μL, concentration ≥ 100 ng / μL, total DNA  ≥ 2 μg, stored at -20 ℃

Delivery of miRNA Expression Analysis Service

  • Complete experiment report
  • Amplification curve and fusion curve analysis
  • miRNA expression analysis

You can customize the miRNA expression analysis service by phone or email, and our colleagues will reply your inquiry within three working days.

* It should be noted that our service is only used for research, not for clinical use.
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