iPrep CD Buccal Cell Kit
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iPrep CD Buccal Cell Kit
Product Name
iPrep CD Buccal Cell Kit
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Buccal swabs represent a simple, noninvasive, and widely used method for collecting DNA. Isolating DNA from swabs is now easier than ever, thanks to the combined power of the the iPrep CD Buccal Cell Kit and the iPrep Purification Instrument. This combination provides for fast lysis before automated processing-purified DNA can be obtained from cell samples in as little as 40 minutes, including a 20 minute lysis step. Additionally, youll experience less inhibition of downstream processes such as STR and multiplex analysis, with higher yields and purity. Designed specifically for use with the iPrep Purification Instrument, the iPrep CD Forensic Kit takes advantage of the powerful CD technology, a major advance in DNA purification. This technology is based on a unique, ionizable nucleic acid-binding ligand whose charge can be switched based on the pH of the surrounding medium. Purification is achieved through a simple three-step procedure in aqueous buffers, and avoids the use of guanidine, ethanol, and other troublesome reagents.
iPrep CD Buccal Cell Kit provides all reagents (supplied in prefilled cartridges), tubes, and tips needed for isolating DNA from buccal cell samples.
Advantage / Highlights
• Increased DNA yields and purity, allowing for more tests per sample and long-term archiving
• Multiple applications (e.g., databasing, human identification, clinical research) from the same sample
• Ethanol- and guanidine-free extraction for less inhibition of downstream applications
Cloning, Forensic Testing, PCR, Sequencing, Southern Blotting
Storage & Stability
Reagent cartridges can be stored at room temperature; store lysis buffer and proteinase K means at 4°C.
* It should be noted that our products are only used for research, not for clinical use.
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