CD-SYBR Color qPCR Master Mix (High ROX Premixed, 2500 r × n)
Product name
CD-SYBR Color qPCR Master Mix (High ROX Premixed, 2500 r × n)
Product Name
CD-SYBR Color qPCR Master Mix (High ROX Premixed, 2500 r × n)
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Product Description
This product uses the amplification of the color change reaction after the template is added to realize the visualization of the loading process and greatly improve the loading efficiency. Its CD Taq DNA Polymerase is a new type of antibody-based hot-start DNA polymerase, which has many advantages such as wide compatibility, strong amplification performance, and high sensitivity. The promoter, ExactorTM, perfectly balances the contradiction between amplification specificity and amplification efficiency.
2 × CD-SYBR SYBR Color qPCR Master Mix (High ROX Premixed) 1.25 mL × 20 10 × Dilution Buffer 1.25 mL × 5 2 × CD-SYBR SYBR Color qPCR Master Mix (High ROX Premixed): It contains dNTP, Mg 2+, CD Taq DNA Polymerase, SYBR Green I, blue color dye, ROX Reference Dye1, etc. 10 × Dilution Buffer: 10 × yellow concentrated template diluent
Advantage / Highlights
• Reduce pipetting errors: By providing reagents of different colors, use the discoloration effect during pipetting to track the pipetting process and reduce pipetting errors.
• Amplification is highly specific: The new antibody-based hot start enzyme CD Taq DNA Polymerase, with optimized buffer and patented specific promoter ExactorTM, effectively avoids the generation of primer dimers and non-specific amplification.
• Excellent amplification performance: can detect single-digit copies of gene expression, and locate the target gene accurately and reliably.
• Perfect compatibility: ROX premix version is available, suitable for all mainstream quantitative PCR instruments
Storage & Stability
2 × CD-SYBR Color qPCR Master Mix (High ROX Premixed): The product should be stored at -20°C in the dark for a long time; if it is used repeatedly in a short period of time, it can be stored stably for 6 months at 4 °C in the dark after thawing; 10 × Dilution Buffer: Store at -20 °C.
* It should be noted that our products are only used for research, not for clinical use.
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