Green Taq Mix (with ddH2O, 15 mL)
Product name
Green Taq Mix (with ddH2O, 15 mL)
Product Name
Green Taq Mix (with ddH2O, 15 mL)
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Product Description
This product is a 2 × Master Mix containing Taq DNA Polymerase, dNTP, and an optimized buffer system. The reaction can be performed by adding only primers and templates, reducing errors caused by pipetting operations, and improving throughput and weight of results. Reproducibility. The optimized buffer system can effectively inhibit non-specific amplification and primer dimer production. The protective agent added to the system allows Mix to maintain stable activity after repeated freeze-thaw cycles. This product contains a green dye, which can be electrophoresed directly after the reaction. The 3' end of the PCR product has an A and can be cloned into a T vector.
Green Taq Mix 15 mL ddH2O 15 mL
Advantage / Highlights
• Template adaptability, compatible with a variety of complex templates
• Optimized buffer system to effectively inhibit non-specific amplification
• With green dye, the product can be directly electrophoresed after the reaction
Storage & Stability
Store at -20 °C
* It should be noted that our products are only used for research, not for clinical use.
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